Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy) with built-in compressor is an effective device with portable usage feature.

In our device, High Frequency Radial Shock Wave Treatment System Supported With a touch screen. It is ready to use in various treatment packages along with guiding the operator through visual and written treatment explanations.

Working principle Radial
Compressed Air Supply 1-5 Bar – Built-in Compressor
Frequency 1-22 Hz
Display TFT Touch Screen
Dimension (W-L-H) 320mm x 390mm x 120mm
Weight 10 kg
Memory Unlimited
Soft Applicator Technology YES
Applicators 7 Units
Warranty 24 Months
Handpiece 3 Million Shock Pulses


Find the painful area.

Mark the painful area.

Apply the gel to combine the shock waves with the tissue.

While transmitting the s to the painful area with our Radial or Focused Device, apply the applicator firmly to the painful area on the skin.

Effectivity of Shock Wave Therapy

“When a shock wave encounters a material with different acoustical impedance, a portion of the energy of the wave is transmitted and a portion is reflected. The ratio of the transmitted energy to reflected energy at the interface varies depending on the properties of the tissues involved. The impulse of the high-pressure shock wave on the material interface may cause tension at this interface. Depending on the physical properties of the material, microstructural changes and cracks may occur.” (Sems, Dimeff & Ianotti JP., 2006).

With shock wave therapy, the therapeutic result is easily achieved by transmitting more energy to the tissue.


  • It is the most powerful Radial Shockwave Therapy device in the market. It provides impulses up to 22 Hz and 5 bar.
  • Lightweight & portable (10 kg). You can treat patients anywhere, anytime.
  • During the treatment, the adjusted parameters can be easily viewed and changed on the device screen.
  • The device provides ready-made treatment programs and visual, written and video narrative information. (Indications and Pathological Applications Guide)

User friendly color touch screen

3 Different Modes for Treatment


With the AUTO mode, you can adjust the frequency and power automatically. Modus automatically adjusts the necessary parameters for the treatment you select from the guide.


It starts the treatment at low power and automatically switches to the determined values after 500 shocks. Thus, it becomes easier for the patient to adapt to the treatment.


Modus provides alternative frequency option. This mode is recommended for myofascial pain syndrome or muscular areas. With this mode, developing tolerance to some mechanical stimuli that inhibit patients is prevented.

Modus ESWT® Radial Handpiece can transmit its net effect to the tissue as 5 bars.

Increase your application efficiency with Modus Handpiece.

  • Suspension system to reduce the amount of refractive vibration
  • Wide range of applicators according to treatment options
  • Software system that records the number of uses and pulses provided
  • Easy maintenance and revision kit replacement
  • Light weight and user friendly ergonomic design

Modus ESWT® Radial Handpiece
has a capacity of
3,000,000 shocks.

Features of Modus Soft Applicator

  • Modus ESWT, which makes a difference with its unique technology, is the only device with a soft applicator.
  • Soft applicator provides ease of use in painful and sensitive areas.

Sample application videos are available in Modus ESWT® Radial treatment protocols. These videos provide you convenience and efficiency in application.

Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

Usage Areas And Treatments; Achillodynia, Plantar fasciitis, Myofascial trigger points, Calcified tendonitis of the shoulder, Radial and ulnar humeral epicondylitis, Patellar tendonitis, Other disorders of tendon insertions, Activation of muscle and connective tissue, Acupuncture shock wave therapy

Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

Provides visual and written narrative information with ready treatment protocols. (Indications and Pathological Applications Guide)

Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

The Achilles tendon is one of the longest tendons in the body that connects the muscles in the back of your calf to your heel bone. It is a ribbon-shaped flexible texture. It is located on the heel and behind the ankle, you can feel it when you move.

Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

It is a calcified type of tendinitis. It is a complaint of shoulder pain caused by secondary inflammation in the joint created by calcium deposits in tendons close to the shoulder joint.

Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

What is the difference between Radial and Focused ESWT?

Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)
Modus ESWT ® (Radial - Shockwave Therapy)