eVNG USB - Aair Medicals

The VNG is a diagnostic method that is used by recording eye movements of the differential diagnosis of balance disorders. For an intact sense of balance, the sensorimotor system (sensory perception and movement) is responsible, whose core component is the vestibulookuläre reflex (VOR). By transmitting information from the labyrinth through the vestibular nerve (vestibulocochlear nerve) to core areas in the brain stem and ultimately the eye muscles this reflex enables postural regulation, gaze stabilization and orientation in space. In case of malfunction of the system can cause impairment of balance and dizziness (vertigo). Whit patients ataxia, vegetative symptoms (nausea) or disturbance of gaze stabilization (Nystagmus) can be seen. This Nystagmus is registered using the VNG. Depending on the direction or type of nystagmus is obtained information about the cause and location of the damage to the equilibrium syste

» stable binocularly combi mask
» focus control
» hot mirrors adjustable in 3 steps
» soft cushion for optimal fit to the patients face
» no additional hardware required
» tests: caloric, position/ positioning, spontaneous nystagm, optokinetic, rotatory chair
» manual nystagmus detection
» binocular analysis of 100 frames/s (for each channel) .
» compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7.0/ 8.0/ 8.1  (32/64 Bit) / 10 (32/64 Bit)
» findings sheets, GDT-port, network ready
» full automatic tests
» no false irrigation through software control
» control the software with only one button
» interface to air irrigator KALORIstar and optokinetic stimulus box (OCSB 2.0)
» manual sinusoidal pendula test !